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Meet The Board

Bringing to the table

Amelia graduated from Truman State University with a degree in Sociology
and Anthropology. She is deeply interested in environmental
sustainability, social justice and how they relate to agriculture.
Amelia has been a part of several community
gardens and youth gardening projects, and runs her own small farm near
Bryant Creek.

Amelia LaMair

A native of the Springfield area, Amelia moved to Sycamore in 2011 to live the country life. She could spend hours walking the creek hunting for new rocks for her collection.
However, she has plenty of other projects to keep her busy including gardening, learning to play the bass, and making cheese with milk from her Alpine dairy goats.
She may appear quiet or laid-back, but she’s not afraid to do crazy things like ride a bicycle from Missouri to Minnesota.

Jewel Krasinski

Bringing to the table

Jewel has many years experience in vending locally at local farmer’s
markets and running her own tiny business. She’s seen the world from
both sides of poverty and has a unique view that many people will
(hopefully) never experience. Jewel has a fierce desire to bring people together in support of local health, economy and overall self sufficiency. She’s very detail oriented, stubborn as a mule and loyal to a fault.

An enigma, Jewel is primarily a loner and hermit but strives toward a stronger community, with an emphasis on local Trade/Barter. She’s Ozarks bread and buttered, and grew up on a working farm west of Springfield (Nichols Junction). Jewel was raised on homegrown foods
and goods and is passionate about returning the community to a simpler, healthier way of life. She’s an herbalist and healer since 1982, a local homesteader, avid ethical wild harvester, writer and artist.
Bringing to the table

   Dennise has recently retired from a lengthy career as the Director of Emergency Services at Ozarks Medical Center in West Plains. Her skills including the ability to delegate and organize large groups and projects has been extremely helpful.
    It doesn't hurt that she's a RN either, tending to any physical errors in judgement by the volunteers.

Dennise Lawson, treasurer/secretary

Dennise is a spreadsheet and organizination ninja. She's a prepossessing woman, well-liked by all the Ozarks neighbors. A self-professed expression of a woman, she says she's complete with the gender’s strengths and weaknesses. She brings together the group like no one else. It's said around these parts that the average Ozarkian loves their family...and Dennise.
Her homegrown interest center on soapmaking (the old-time lye type) and gardening.

Desiree Fleck, president /
volunteer coordinator

Bringing to the table

Desiree lives in an egalitarian community and has experience in consensus decision making and volunteering with several community organizations.
She is deeply passionate about nature and growing food and community in a sustainable way. She believes that all people are equal and every person's voice should be heard
 Desiree moved to the Ozarks in 2012 and then to Oran Mor Community in 2014. She hitch hiked around the country with her partner before ending up here where she was guided to set her roots in. She is constantly amazed and impressed by this place and the people who live here, and works towards unifying and simplifying our way of life.
Dez loves to garden, play music, learn about native herbs and medicinals, share primitive skills, create art, and swim in the creek... among other things.