A shop and restaurant for the community, by the community

391 Third Street - Gainesville, Missouri
Hours: Monday - Friday 10 AM - 7 PM

     Farm, Fork & Fiddle is a restaurant, market and community gathering space just off the Gainesville square. The storefront, operated by local non-profit organization The Ozark County Homegrown Food Project, takes aim at strengthening the local community by providing a central location where the efforts of local farmers, ranchers, artists and concerned citizens can be combined, allowing local folks the ability to sell and buy from other local folks.
     Although Farm, Fork & Fiddle is open to the public for shopping and dining, memberships are available for those interested in shaping the project and/or selling their goods or services within the shop. Our membership is either $10 per month or 2 hours of volunteer contribution every month, or a combination of those two (1 hour and $5 a month). Goods, services and restaurant items sold within the shop are sold on a 75/25 split, with 75% going back to the member and 25% will be put into the shop’s general fund to pay the expenses of operating the storefront. The member sets the price of his or her own goods.

    In addition to our restaurant, market, and storefront, Farm, Fork & Fiddle members offer workshops, classes, lessons and music performances to the public. We post these on our Bulletin Board in the store, our Facebook page and FB Discussion Board, and in our e-mail Newsletter. 

      All that said, Farm, Fork & Fiddle is an evolving concept. We continue shaping, revising and futhering our vision as we go. So come on, join us!

Become a Member

Farm Fork and Fiddle is run by it's members through direct action and the democratic voting process. By becoming a member of our co-operative, you are helping shape our community efforts, shop, and restaurant.

Requirements :
$10 or 2 volunteer hours per month
Try to attend 6 or more meetings a year

Perks :
Vend your local handmade and/or homegrown goods
(FFF gets 25% commission)
Use of our Certified Kitchen
Use of space after hours
5% discount on everything in our Shop and Restaurant
Discounts on Workshops and Classes